14/15/16 Giugno 2013 MAGRAID, 100 km nella steppa

MAGRAID, 100 km

The steppe is really a worldwide phenomenon, the one of the Magredi is an atypical variant, duemuch more to the permeability of the alluvial ground, than to the missing rains, wherein a singular ecological system has developed. Therefore the Magredi are known as a Community protected area (SIC).

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In the municipalities of Cordenons – San Giorgio della Richinvelda – San Quirino – Zoppola – Arba – Vivaro- Spilimbergo, inside of the Magredi of the Cellina-Meduna rivers, province of Pordenone, Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The base camp is located in Parareit di Cordenons (PN).


The pre-registrations for the Magraid are proceeding non-stop. The last days we added further twenty runners from all the national regions and their age is between 30 and 65 years, that means that  this 100 km race, that takes place form 14th to 16th of June, attracts competitors of every age category. The registrations are still open and expires on 10th of June.