Gli Ironman 2012 targati FVG…


In 2012, all the 10 Friuli Venezia Giulia (north east of Italy) teams had minimum one athlete who has made one IRONMAN distance race.

The 10 teams of triathlon are listed below in alphabetical order: 


Alpe Adria Multisport Trieste, CSA Gorizia Triathlon, CUS Udine Triathlon, Federclub Triathlon Trieste, Pool Sport Trieste, Reaction Triathlon, San Vito Triathlon, Triathlon Team Pordenone, Trivium Spilimbergo, Udine Triathlon.


Click here to read the names of the IRONMAN Finisher 2012: IM 2012 FVG

The photos have been placed in random way.


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