1° Dual-O Domenica 24 marzo 2013


mtb-run orienreering

where: Riserva Naturale “Gradina” – Doberdò del Lago (GO) – Italy

Saturday 24, March 2013

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What is Dual-O

It ‘an experimental event and promotional uniting the world of Triathlon&Orienteering and that is to play the first MTB and then travel a path in the woods, dirt roads and vineyards based on some references scattered along the route and reported on the ground by a “lantern.” These checkpoints are to be interpreted in the manner most appropriate to a specific map.
They are athletes in every moment to choose the path that best suits their physical characteristics. It ‘a discipline that requires not only strength and endurance but also tactics strategic, quick reflexes, and above 360 ° view of the brain.

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